We feel responsible towards our employees, business partners, customers & environment. Our production processes are designed to minimize impact on the environment & providing better place to our employees.
Our sustainability policy includes 3 major aspects Environment, Materials & Social.


Water - Water is precious, we are doing our bit to preserve it. We treat water with zero liquid discharge technology which enables us to clean the used water and re-use 70% of it.
Energy - Our 25% of electricity comes through renewable energy resources (solar panels & wind mills). Additionally, we are reducing our electricity consumption by simply replacing conventional lights with LED lights.
Chemicals -  Chemicals are essential components of our business& hence we choose them carefully. Chemical we use in our products are safe for workers, consumer & environment. As a responsible company, we encourage new ideas of reducing unwanted chemicals from processes & products.


We prefer to create products using natural fibers like Cotton, Wool, Jute, Sea grass etc. Additionally, we are also certified for New Zealand Wool, Organic cotton, Recycled cotton, Recycled polyester.


Health and Safety – Our workers are our assets. Their health & safety is one of our prime responsibility. Therefore, a rigorous health and safety policy is in place which ensures well-being of all employees & protects them against possible risks of accidents at the workplace.
Working Condition – We have sustained an environment where works are free to choose their interest of work within or outside the organization. We provide clean & ventilated work place, clean & safe drinking water, reasonable working hours, grievance cell.
Wages – We have a transparent wage policy in place, which ensures all workers are timely paid as per the norms.